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UML design courseworks require analysis and design skills,  you need to analyze the system and provide the specific documents with specific diagrams in the document , Class diagram is one of the diagram of UML modelling coursework , it is very important to understand the class diagrams and draw them correctly. Class diagrams mainly help you to understand the static view of the system and represents different aspects of the application , they are main part of requirements analysis phase. So a collection of class diagrams represent the whole system.

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We have worked on different UML designs like use case diagrams , class diagrams , sequence diagrams and using different tools like Visual Paradigm format , UML Studio format , Rational Rose format. The diagrams must describe any software system clearly , on use case diagrams coursework you need to mainly pay attention to details of why this statement should be a use case and the actors involved with the use case.

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Some of the main UML Projects we have done:-

  • A UML coursework identifying the attributes and methods of classes and drawing the class relationship diagrams. ( Customer Order System – class diagram based coursework in Rational Rose).
  • A class diagram assignment on ticket booking system, with comments and use cases fully defined with it
  • Using a modular format using an iterative process, developed  several modules in UML diagrams :
    (1) Billing
    (2) Admissions
    (3) HR
    (4) Staff Management
    (5) Marketing
  • A nominal system sequence diagram for taking control shop with full explanation of each step
  • A class diagram analysis, no type or length for attributes and describing the functionalities performed by the system.
  • A state diagram for a command
  • UML project where we documented  software functional requirements specifications (SRS)


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Call Now to discuss to in details : 079 6466  5987 , Get a free obligation assessment of your UML coursework