Core Java Projects

Core Java means standalone Java application. Core Java is having the concept of Java Fundamentals, Applet, Swings, JDBC, JavaBeans.

We can guide you through with the Core Java Coursework/Project . We have done so many projects on the application and given out very amazing results which resulted in 100% clients satisfaction. We can help you out in every possible way. We have experts who know how to deal and work on these projects efficiently. The projects we have done are

  • Pocket tanks game
  • Internet banking
  • Hospital management system
  • Teachers feedback form
  • Implementation if security in wan
  • Implementation of OSPF on IPV6
  • Support vector machines for Face Recognition
  • Mobile tracking system
  • Remote administration using mobile
  • Intranet chatting
  • Steganography in Audio files
  • Image compression and de compression
  • Marine operations and management system
  • Multi-lingual website
  • Citizen card system
  • Voyage management
  • Text encryption and decryption
  • Medical image compression
  • Barcode generation
  • Crime file management
  • Automated ballot vote
  • Lending tree
  • JopenIT
  • File Security System
  • Data leakage detection
  • Load shedding
  • Publishing search logs
  • Project metrics
  • Issue tracker
  • Chat client system
  • Light weight multi document summarization
  • Digital encryption system
  • Mindtech bug and component system
  • District Collector
  • Bandwidth recycling
  • Global tracker
  • Mobile gadgeteer
  • VAS for hand held device
  • Image processing editor
  • Intranet mailing system
  • Intrusion detection system
  • M-banking
  • Mobile video archive
  • Friend mapper
  • Mobile program guide
  • Mobile alarm
  • Natural image segmentation
  • Card management system
  • Company information tracking system
  • Credit card management system
  • Company security reporting system
  • ERP system
  • Distributed transaction Proxy
  • Real time detection of clone attacks
  • Modelling and detection of camouflaging worm
  • Noise reduction by fuzzy image filtering
  • Ranking spatial data by quality preferences
  • Remote PC Administration
  • Virtual office management

Below is the screen shot of one of the project we have done in core java

core javaThe project is based on the core java. In this project we have made how to login and to reset the password. The database we have used at the back end is the MS access. The use has to enter the username and password and accordingly the query will be executed and the string will be displayed if the fields the user has entered are correct or not.

To change the old password the the user has to enter the  old password and then the new password followed by the confirm new password. If all the fields are correct then the database at the back end will be updated with the new details. If the fields entered by the user are not correct then the string will be displayed telling that the data entered is wrong and enter the new data. This is how the application works. The packages we have used are java.swing package, java.awt, java.lang



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