Java Students Project

By | November 25, 2015

Whether it’s a Core Java Project, JSP servlets and spring projects or any Java Project, Our team of skilled Java professionals can guide you through with each and every detail on Java.

We have done many students Projects on Java and given out stupendous results with 100% clients’ satisfaction.

Java is a commonly used foundation for developing and delivering content on the web. Java is an object oriented language similar to C++, but simplified to eliminate language features that cause common programming errors. Java is a general purpose programming language with a number of features that makes the language well suited for use on the World Wide Web. Java can run on many different operating systems.

We will give you many hints on how to solve the problems concerning the Java Project, far more than you would get anywhere else. We would be more than happy to implement any of the Java Projects for you.

Types of Java:-

  • Java Applet
  • JAR File
  • Servlet
  • Application
  • Swing Application
  • EJB

We understand the challenge you might face in Java project. But don’t worry we can respond to your problems and solve them efficiently within your facilitated time constraints.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages and programmers are required to have an extensive knowledge of the language and how it works in order to make it an error free Java Project. That is why Java projects should be dealt with some professional working with you.

If you’ll choose us for your Java Project we assure that there won’t be any sphere of disappointment or let down from us and guarantee 100% satisfactory work.We strive for perfection.

The projects done are

  1. J-Quiz management system
  2. Java for wordpress
  3. Java fx app
  4. JCR Content rendering engine
  5. Jcrud
  6. JQuery web tool kit
  7. Law enforcement management system
  8. Lightweight blog engine
  9. Patient Registry
  10. Pet clinic
  11. Profanity filter
  12. Java user group
  13. RPG-Application
  14. Multithreaded chat application in java
  15. Chatting application
  16. Program for multi threaded matrix
  17. Program for multithreaded file reading
  18. Program to develop multithreaded server
  19. Sun steganography
  20. JProgressbar
  21. First come first serve
  22. Screen capture and multicast
  23. Stganography using audio
  24. Sending mail to yahoo and gmail
  25. Downloading a webpage using socket class
  26. Multithreaded file reading
  27. Mail client in java
  28. GUI for bank account simulation
  29. Web browser in java
  30. Applet browser
  31. File management system
  32. Fun with zk
  33. Gift planner
  34. Help desk Web
  35. Hengsin
  36. Home brewing greatness enabler
  37. Digital encryption system
  38. Mindtech bug and component system
  39. District Collector
  40. Bandwidth recycling
  41. Global tracker
  42. Mobile gadgeteer
  43. VAS for hand held device
  44. Image processing editor
  45. Intranet mailing system
  46. Intrusion detection system
  47. M-banking
  48. Mobile video archive
  49. Friend mapper
  50. Mobile program guide
  51. Mobile alarm
  52. Natural image segmentation
  53. Card management system
  54. Company information tracking system
  55. Credit card management system
  56. Company security reporting system
  57. ERP system
  58. Distributed transaction Proxy
  59. Real time detection of clone attacks
  60. Modelling and detection of camouflaging worm
  61. Noise reduction by fuzzy image filtering
  62. Ranking spatial data by quality preferences
  63. Remote PC Administration
  64. Virtual office management
  65. Student mgm
  66. Address book
  67. Connecting java with MS Access
  68. Database conversion
  69. Interaction between SQLSERVER and SQL CLIENT
  70. Rapid roll game
  71. Pocket tanks game
  72. Internet banking
  73. Hospital management system
  74. Teachers feedback form
  75. Implementation if security in wan
  76. Implementation of OSPF on IPV6
  77. Support vector machines for Face Recognition
  78. Mobile tracking system
  79. Remote administration using mobile
  80. Intranet chatting
  81. Steganography in Audio files
  82. Image compression and de compression
  83. Marine operations and management system
  84. Multi-lingual website
  85. Citizen card system
  86. Voyage management
  87. Text encryption and decryption
  88. Medical image compression
  89. Barcode generation
  90. Crime file management
  91. Automated ballot vote
  92. Lending tree
  93. JopenIT
  94. File Security System
  95. Data leakage detection
  96. Load shedding
  97. Publishing search logs
  98. Project metrics
  99. Issue tracking system
  100. Light weight multi document summarization

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