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Matlab provides tools to acquire, analyze, visualize data and develop models and simulations of hypothetical and real-world phenomena. These capabilities enable teachers, students and researchers in the geosciences to gain insight while simultaneously learning and applying mathematical computing skills and methods.


You can do almost everything in Matlab any simulation, plotting, coding, and making GUI. That makes it one of the most used software. Solving assignments, writing codes, plotting graphs, simulating models, Matlab has a feature to help you with anything.

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Matlab can be applied to solving problems and developing systems involving mathematical computation, data analytics and statistics and more in the scientific and engineering domains.

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Some of the Matlab projects we have done:-

  • change position select obj in matlab
  • orthogonal least squares algorithms for sparse signal reconstruction in matlab
  • in matlab
  • 2 d fir filter design in matlab
  • a simple particle filter simulator for robot localization in matlab
  • a very fast subpixel image registration in matlab
  • adaptive diffusion flow active contours for image segmentation in matlab
  • Bayesian inference with stochastic volatility models Matlab Code
  • binary tree coding with adaptive scanning order in matlab
  • C1 Piecewise Cubic Splines
  • compute an optimal image threshold. computes the minimum error threshold as described in in matlab
  • degree generator in raptor code in matlab
  • detect the peak or valley in a 1 d signal in matlab
  • determination of cfo in case of singlepath propagation in ofdm systems by correlation method in matlab
  • discrete fourier transform low high pass filter. in matlab
  • Dynamic Regression Models Matlab Code

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