MVC Based Assignments

By | December 11, 2015

MVC stands for Model/View/Controller Pattern. It is all about breaking down the application into 3 parts:

  •  Model-Data Layer
  • View-User Interface Layer
  • Controller-Interacts with Model

Although originally developed for desktop computing, model-view-controller has been widely adopted as architecture for World Wide Web applications in major programming languages.

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With MVC your files are organized, you divide logic to your view and you had controllers act as routers, with MVC your co-workers will find easy to trace your code, because MVC uses URI to determine which controller and method you use.MVC has clean url, Search Engine Friendly. Most popular web programming frameworks also capsulize MVC principles.

MVC was developed to solve the problem of users controlling large and complex data sets. It seems everyone doing web applications nowadays wants to use MVC for everything as MVC allows you to more easily reuse your code. Well the basic reason for using an MVC structure shows up in an industry setup, where a single work process, a single model is followed for the development of any application.So,in case,if the project moves on from one module of an organization to another, it is much easier to provide a better understanding of the work scenario. It incorporates clarity of work.

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