UML Projects

The UML (Unified Modelling Language) is a standard visual modelling language indented to be used for modelling, business, and similar processes, analysis, design, and implementation of software-based systems.

Terry Quatrani has defined the notation as…the standard language for specifying, visualizing, constructing and documenting all the artifacts of a software system.

Here we develop projects under UML programming using programs such as case diagrams, class diagrams, state chart, sequence diagrams, ER, Normalisation, and DFD. We are market’s best service available. The projects we have done are

  • Countdown timer
  • Ipass-hard to decrypt password generator
  • Pharmacy inventory system database
  • Employees management system
  • Banking system
  • Simple class board app
  • Basic calculator
  • OOP login
  • Source code manager
  • Battery information program
  • Gym management system
  • Dental management system
  • Point of sale
  • Warehouse management system
  • Advanced college management system
  • Sales and inventory system
  • Student registration system
  • Chat and call application with encryption and decryption
  • Pdf file viewer in
  • Library system
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Student mark sheet program
  • Page switch
  • Inventory system
  • School management system
  • Student information system
  • ATM system code
  • Record voice and play recorded sound
  • Hotel reservation and billing system
  • Simple grading system
  • Digital encryption system
  • Mindtech bug and component system
  • District Collector
  • Bandwidth recycling
  • Global tracker
  • Mobile gadgeteer
  • VAS for hand held device
  • Image processing editor
  • Intranet mailing system
  • Intrusion detection system
  • M-banking
  • Mobile video archive
  • Friend mapper
  • Mobile program guide
  • Mobile alarm
  • Natural image segmentation
  • Card management system
  • Company information tracking system
  • Credit card management system
  • Company security reporting system
  • ERP system
  • Distributed transaction Proxy
  • Real time detection of clone attacks
  • Modelling and detection of camouflaging worm
  • Noise reduction by fuzzy image filtering
  • Ranking spatial data by quality preferences
  • Informatics Makati
  • Java2uml


Below is one of the use case diagram we have made

Use case diagram

Use case diagram

This is the use case diagram of user and a bank. In this diagram the user sens the text to the bank as a simple text. The sender writes his name and the message text. Both the fields are then validated, sanitized and then categorized. After this process the the message id is added to the message and then goes the bank in required format.





Below is one of the activity diagram we have made

This is the activity diagram for sending the email to the bank. In this activity diagram the user writes the email, his name. Then user writes the subject of the email and then the message text. All the three fields are then validated and sanitized. After all this process the message is categorized and message id is then attached to the message and the process gets completed




Below is the diagram of one of the State Chart Diagrams We have made

State chart diagram

State chart diagram

The diagram is based on the seat reservation system. There are different events which takes place according to the need. The user adds the seat then the availability of seat is viewed. If seat is available then it gets reserved and then the user can view the price of the seat. Then the user goes for the payment of the seat and then confirms it. For every state we have different events

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