VB.net Projects

VB.NET or Visual Basic is a version of Microsoft’s visual basic that was designed as part of the company’s .NET product group to make web services applications easier to develop. It is a multi-paradigm, high level programming language, implemented on the .NET framework.

Our team of skilled professionals can guide you well with the VB.NET coursework/Project. We assure once you will choose our services there won’t be any side of error or failure by us. The projects we have done are

  • Simple grading system
  • User account with user permission
  • Simple school attendance system
  • Inventory system login
  • School system without login
  • Design and implementation of SIM card registration system
  • Lotto Draw
  • Virtual ATM machine
  • Course Advisor
  • Word wrap
  • Billing system
  • Air pressure
  • District management information
  • Hotel ERP system
  • Wage calculator
  • Simple car rental system
  • Hotel ERP System
  • Complete library management system
  • Advanced transport management system
  • Contact Application
  • Quick Access to applications
  • Simple contact management system
  • Easy gmail sender
  • House rent system
  • Picture manager
  • Stationary information system
  • Mysql query window
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • My ticket(Point of Sale)
  • Slide show
  • List box examples
  • Multimedia player
  • Sales invoice system
  • net with SQL server
  • Navigation in vb.net
  • Simple billing system
  • Text editor


Below is the screen shot of one of the project we have done


It is the teacher form in which the teacher uploads his details. the database is maintained at the back end and all the details get saved in database. so to view any detail regarding any of the teacher we have to just enter the name of a teacher and retrieving query will be executed.

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